Immersive Installation by Brigitta Zics: ten fiberglass sculptures, chromacoat,  speakers, audio players.

Semiosphere is an immersive sound sculpture that allows viewers to experience a fictional event and its aftermath from a range of alternate point of views. Ten helmets, each equipped with on-board audio and featuring a range of narrative soundscapes, are hung overhead in the form of a swarm-shaped installation. The position of each individual helmet within the swarm defines the audio direction and narrative experience. Everyone has the chance to create their own unique pathway through the installation in order to build and shape the story they are given to hear.

Launch of the Semiosphere: The Death of the Web installation between 24 January to 26 April 2020 at Ludwig Museum Budapest. On E-flux:

Role: Production, design. With assistance from Stefan Benson and Nikos Nikiforos.