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Selected consumer health solutions developed 2011-2014

Includes: Patented 2-part wipe packaging for reactive liquids that cannot be stored in contact with air, natural materials or plastics. The liquid is stored in a separate container within the package, which is then snapped open or pierced by blades contained within the packaging. Patent information here. Although this packaging has a range of potential uses, it was designed for both hospital cleaning and consumer healthcare.

A range of high pressure aerosol wound wash devices designed to clean, debride and medicate wounds, for use by patients or medical professionals. The pneumatic bag on valve system can produce 9 bar of pressure. Designed for Biomimetics Health Industries.

Work with Pellereau Products on a range of nailcare and beauty products, as well as office chairs designed to promote employee back health and strength. This chair was presented by Tom on The Apprentice TV show.