Medical device design

Selected medical device designs from 2009-2014. Some work cannot be shown for legal reasons.

Includes: a range of laser guided surgical alignment systems designed for DePuy orthopedics. When replacing knee and hip joints, accurate alignment can increase the lifespan of the implant, preventing need for further replacement and significantly increasing quality of life. Utilizing new technologies and analysing both surgeon and patient behavior, new equipment was developed. It was identified that the oscillating bone saw and metal guide block, used to saw off the top of the tibia, was an area of weakness in the system. A sterile laser guide was developed, alerting the surgeon to previously imperceptible movements off course. Take a look at the patent here for more technical info. A variation of this design also used strain gauges to detect any deflection of the saw.

Uboot: developed for Biomimetics Health Industries, the UBoot is a wound soaking system for patients suffering from chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers. These patients often have to be seen by NHS health visitors regularly for wound cleaning and dressing, an ongoing and costly process. The Uboot is a way for patients to keep wounds clean and sterile by soaking them in Salvox, a highly effective medicated wound treatment developed by Biomimetics. The UBoot closed around the leg and maintained a watertight seal, and the medicated liquid socked into the wound. The liquid could then be drained away into a waste bag. The boot was designed in a one piece injection moulding with a living hinge. The working prototype was CNC cut from polypropylene. Patent information here.

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